Tuesday, 07 February 2023


READERS ARE THINKERS: We may call it a revolutionary evolution in Malayalam media, an evolution of thinking. For the first time in the contemporary reading of the Malayali, it is fusion of technology and creativity in perfection. An attempt in future media, for the ever evolving Malayali reader, the thinking mind.

GLOBAL AND PLURAL: Today, the environment demands a futuristic reading of politics, science, art, literature, culture and life itself. Our endeavour is to customise these themes as the content of new reading. It will abide by and endorse the politics of democracy, plurality , secularism and environmental rights.



True Copy Webzine,is the first weekly webzine in Malayalam for in-depth discourses in  cuture.The app is free to download and paid subscribers will get full access to the Magazine content. Account will be managed by the subscriber and and access is device specific. Reading on a second device is otp controlled. More from True Copy Webzine :

True Copy THINK, a free multi media platform for in depth analysis .Truecopy Webzine and Think are owned by True Copy Magazine LLP.




CEO and Managing Editor
Kamalram Sajeev

Manila C Mohan

COO and Associate Editor
TM Harshan

Executive Editor
K Kannan

Senior Digital Editor
Muhammad Jadeer TK

Senior Output Editor
Ali Hyder

Technical Director
Muhammed Sidan

Muhammed Hanan

Agasthya Soorya

Audio / Video Editor
Fasalul Hadil

Zainul Abid


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